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   Sep 07


“Realtor Doubles His Business In 12 Months and Buys a Lamborghini” with Bryan Casella

Top Realtor Bryan Casella is KILLING the real estate game out in Southern California! 12 months ago we had Bryan on the show because he was an up and coming realtor making a name for himself, fast-forward to today and Bryan is running his own real estate team and expanded his team exponentially, all while INCREASING his net worth and net income. Listen to Bryan discuss with Joshua EXACTLY what he did to get to where he is, including changes he had to make within his business in order to succeed, where he gets all of his real estate data from, what he uses to generate real estate leads, if he thinks hard work is more important than talent, and so much more value. Check it out now!

0:01 – Introduction
6:10 – Interview start
8:00 – What has changed and improved in your business in the last 12 months?
10:20 – Walk us through what kind of hires you made in order to expand your team and also net more money.
13:30 – What is your day-to-day work day like now that you have expanded?
15:50 – You do a great job with a social media balance, what’s your game plan with that?
18:10 – What kind of effort goes into the amount of leads you get and eventually deals you make?
22:10 – What do you do when dealing with Expired listings?
25:10 – What are you doing to catch people’s eye and get their information?
26:30 – Where do you get your data from, such as expired listings, etc..
27:40 – Where do you want to take your real estate business long-term?
30:30 – What else do you have going on outside of your real estate business?
34:30 – As you have been experiencing growth, what are some obstacles that you’ve had to deal with?
38:20 – How have you coped with loneliness during your success?
41:30 – Do you think the success is in consistency or in scripts and sales experience?
44:20 – Would you say that hard work beats talent?
47:00 – Do you have a routine in order to see your mental mindset strong?
55:20 – So what’s the story with the Lamborghini?
58:00 – What keeps you motivated to keep working and not settle for “good enough”?
1:00:10 – What is your internal thought process to go out there and overcome an obstacle?
1:02:50 – Where to find out more about you

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Orange County Spotlight – Why Does Your Business Need SEO?

Many business owners in Orange County, California are not aware of how powerful SEO can be if done correctly.  Many have been burned by cheap providers and have a sour taste in their mouth.

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves influencing how your site or page on the internet is viewed on the normal search engine’s search results by making it more visible. This ensures that your work becomes popular around the world at the comfort of your home or office.

Websites or pages ranked top in a search engine are usually perceived to be the best in the category and relied upon for information. This means that it will be the most visited raising the traffic for your site which in turn builds your reputation and raises the status of your brand.

Its cost effectiveness is attributed to the fact that you do not spend on it based on the rankings. Search engine optimization is probably the best marketing strategy there is as the targeted audience are already aware of the services or products in your industry evidence by their search. Because of the high ranked position on the search engine, they will click on your page, no doubt.

Having your website on a search engine is not complex and it is possible to do it on your own. However, one may decide to have someone else handle the content creation on your site. It is possible to have an SEO that will actually provide quality and new content for you and before it is posted online, you can have a keen look at it to ensure it is right.

Picking an search engine optimization services provider wisely

Hiring an SEO Company will not only save you the hustle of having to develop all the content from your site but they will in addition come up with strategies to help raise the traffic for your site. Plagiarism will also be eliminated which would be a bit more difficult to do when being the sole content creator for your website. Another key advantage of these providers is that they are very easy to get hold of.

Be cautious of those that are too persistent, suspicious and basically have a bad feeling about. This is for instance those with domains that do not actually exist or those with multiple assumed names. They should also be clear about their work as well as their intentions and explain them comprehensively. You should be the one contacting them not the other way round and in addition, there is also no reason for you to link with them.  The right marketing partner makes all the difference – find a great Orange County SEO expert at

As much as you want your web page or even site to have better ranking on a search engine, some of the promises SEO providers will be offering will be too good to be true.

San Diego Spotlight – Finding a Great Plumbing Service

Finding a reputable plumbing service can be a problem no matter where you live, so in San Diego, California this is no exception:

Generally, plumbing is a very crucial aspect of building maintenance since it needs as much attention as any other repair or construction work required in a building. Therefore, it is worth to consider giving your plumbing contract to a knowledgeable and skilled person to do the job for you. A plumbing contractor with relevant skills and experience can handle numerous plumbing issues for you. These include, but not limited to the repair and replacement of garbage disposals, tubs, faucets, pipes and sewers; complete remodeling of a bathroom; drain cleaning, sewer inspection and unclogging of drain pipes; fixing fixtures such as shower heads, water meters and sinks as well as the installation of tank less water heaters, pipe networks, handicap fixtures, dishwashers, garbage disposals and water filters.

It is important to note that a professional plumbing contractor will definitely ensure that your work done and completed using the most recent technology. For instance, drainage pipes are nowadays inspected using state of the art video equipment. Your plumbing contractor will employ improved techniques to remove blockages and foreign materials from any duct irrespective of its width size. A good plumbing contractor will always provide you with hassle free service. For instance, the plumber will purchase the necessary parts himself when replacing fixtures or pipes therefore, there will be no need to run around searching for the equipment and parts. You only have to find a genuine plumbing contractor who will take care of all your plumbing needs.

Hiring a skilled and experienced plumbing contractor also guarantees your satisfaction and excellent service. The plumber will have sufficient knowledge of the quality plumbing products that are available in the market and how to easily and effectively install it. You will therefore have a peace of mind knowing very well that the plumbing issue has been resolved perfectly with good standards. It is also very sensible to hire a professional plumber due to the fact that most reputable plumping contractor firms will actually provide you safety guarantee during all kinds plumbing repairs and installations in your home. This will assist in assuring you that all the damages will be fixed at the plumber’s expense in case anything goes wrong during the plumbing repairs.  Finding a San Diego plumber doesn’t need to be difficult, just visit for more details.

Always consider hiring a professional plumbing contractor simply because he or she is adequately trained to solve any plumbing issue regardless of whether big or small. Avoid doing plumbing repairs on your own if you are not sure of what you are doing since you may end up causing more damage and thus spending more.

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