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   Nov 04

“Realtor Doubles His Business In 12 Months and Buys a Lamborghini” with Bryan Casella

Top Realtor Bryan Casella is KILLING the real estate game out in Southern California! 12 months ago we had Bryan on the show because he was an up and coming realtor making a name for himself, fast-forward to today and Bryan is running his own real estate team and expanded his team exponentially, all while INCREASING his net worth and net income. Listen to Bryan discuss with Joshua EXACTLY what he did to get to where he is, including changes he had to make within his business in order to succeed, where he gets all of his real estate data from, what he uses to generate real estate leads, if he thinks hard work is more important than talent, and so much more value. Check it out now!

0:01 – Introduction
6:10 – Interview start
8:00 – What has changed and improved in your business in the last 12 months?
10:20 – Walk us through what kind of hires you made in order to expand your team and also net more money.
13:30 – What is your day-to-day work day like now that you have expanded?
15:50 – You do a great job with a social media balance, what’s your game plan with that?
18:10 – What kind of effort goes into the amount of leads you get and eventually deals you make?
22:10 – What do you do when dealing with Expired listings?
25:10 – What are you doing to catch people’s eye and get their information?
26:30 – Where do you get your data from, such as expired listings, etc..
27:40 – Where do you want to take your real estate business long-term?
30:30 – What else do you have going on outside of your real estate business?
34:30 – As you have been experiencing growth, what are some obstacles that you’ve had to deal with?
38:20 – How have you coped with loneliness during your success?
41:30 – Do you think the success is in consistency or in scripts and sales experience?
44:20 – Would you say that hard work beats talent?
47:00 – Do you have a routine in order to see your mental mindset strong?
55:20 – So what’s the story with the Lamborghini?
58:00 – What keeps you motivated to keep working and not settle for “good enough”?
1:00:10 – What is your internal thought process to go out there and overcome an obstacle?
1:02:50 – Where to find out more about you

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